Last year, we all went on the rollercoaster that was “Joker.” After Venice, the film was deemed a strong Oscar contender. Then the highly-publicized backlash and controversy surrounding the film’s violence. But “Joker” went on to earn $1 billion, which started the “will they or won’t they” conversation about a sequel. Now, with its Oscar wins last night, surely the sequel talk will commence once again. But for actress Zazie Beetz, she’s not sure if a sequel is a good idea.

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Speaking to MTVNews on the red carpet at last night’s Oscars, the actress was asked about whether or not she’d be okay with a sequel for “Joker.” The actress seemed to play it both ways, saying that the film doesn’t necessarily need a sequel but also Todd Phillips is the guy that can make it all work.

“I don’t know if it needs one,” said Beetz. “There is a lot of strength in not milking something. Honestly, I feel like Todd would be the person to [make a sequel] tastefully. If he felt it needed one. I really trust him. He’s really creative and smart. So sure.”

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Obviously, if you’ve seen the film, it’s not a foregone conclusion that, even if a sequel is made, Beetz will be involved. Her character’s arc in the film came to a conclusion, and it doesn’t really set up much of a direction for Beetz to go in for a sequel. That being said, “Joker” is still a comic book film, at the end of the day, so anything’s possible.

And with “Birds of Prey” not having the best opening weekend ever, now seems like a perfect time for Warner Bros. to dust off those sequel plans that Todd Phillips presented and get the ball rolling on the DC franchise.