'Mank': Amanda Seyfried Calls David Fincher A "One-Of-A-Kind Master Of His Domain"

Even before we saw one beautiful frame of black and white footage, David Fincher’sMank” was already getting incredible hype and buzz as a sure-thing awards contender and one of the most anticipated films of 2020. And if you believe the reviews, it would seem as if people were guessing correctly, as “Mank” is possibly the biggest favorite to land heaps of awards this season. A large part of that buzz seems to rest on the fact that David Fincher is the man behind the camera. He’s a filmmaker that is regarded as one of the best working today and every project he gets behind has immense anticipation from film fans. And this is not a fact that was lost on one of the stars of “Mank,” Amanda Seyfried.

Speaking to The New York Times, Seyfried talked about her time working on “Mank,” her career leading up to this point, and why she isn’t interested in living in California, choosing farm life instead. But when David Fincher is brought up, it’s clear that Seyfried is excited and proud to have worked with the filmmaker, as she revealed that she began to cry when she found out that she was chosen for her role in “Mank.”

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“It’s really nice to be respected by somebody that you think is just a one-of-a-kind master of his domain,” she explained.

And even though Seyfried has appeared in a number of big films such as “Mean Girls,” “Mamma Mia!” and “Les Misérables,” the actress dubbed “Mank” as the biggest opportunity of her already decades-long career. However, as she explained, she’s also pretty happy to live on her farm and be outside of the Hollywood spotlight.

“This movie is definitely the best opportunity I’ve had in my career, and it is absolutely shifting my career for the better,” Seyfried said. “But without it, I was just as happy, because I’ve made space for myself to feel accomplished in my own world.”

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Well, it appears the “Mank” train is only just beginning for Seyfried. She’s already earning rave reviews as Marion Davies in the film, and her performance has many wondering if an Oscar nomination is in her future? But even though that’s the type of buzz that many actors would kill for, Seyfried seems just as content with or without it.

“Mank” is set to debut on December 4 on Netflix.