'Big Little Lies' Author Liane Moriarty Says Producers Want Season 2

The year isn’t even four months old, but “Big Little Lies” has already gone down as one of the best shows of 2017. Just seven episodes long, the story of lives colliding amidst a murder mystery in the upper classes of Monterey was a critically acclaimed sensation, going far beyond its surface thriller tropes to investigate the anxieties and expectations that women can be particularly burdened with. The fantastic finale left many asking for more, but there are some (myself included) who feel the series was pitch-perfect, and don’t see the need for more (director Jean-Marc Vallée feels strongly about this). However, the show’s producers are already investigating more.

Author Liane Moriarty, upon whose novel the first season was based, has revealed she’s been approached for a second season, and even more, she’s keen on it.

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“I have started to think about ways this could continue,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald. “The producers have asked me to see if I can come up with some ideas. I wouldn’t write a new book but perhaps a new story and then we’ll see what happens.

“I’m absolutely open to it because, once I started thinking, it was too much fun to see what I could do and to see these characters again. And there’s definitely places you can go,” she added.

One of the threads that could be picked up is Bonnie’s (Zoe Kravitz) backstory, which involves her being raised by an abusive father. It’s one of the elements that was left out of the series, and arguably gives more weight to her rationale for pushing Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) down the stairs to his death.

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“My original reaction was what have they done? How have they left that out?” Moriarty said upon first hearing those details were left out. “But a lot of people have said that they could tell [what was Bonnie’s true story], there had been little hints and that you can take that away. It’s implied in her performances and some little lines. I think I might have preferred to have had it in there but I wouldn’t argue against it either. It also leaves open the possibility of season two.”

Intriguing stuff, and it sounds like everyone involved is taking their time, so that there are no “True Detective” Season 2-style slip-ups (plus, coordinating the schedules of that ensemble cast will take some doing).

Thoughts? Should “Big Little Lies” continue? Let us know in the comments section.