There have been plenty of iconic moments from films and TV series featuring a great actor portraying the President of the United States. There’s Martin Sheen in scenes from “The West Wing.” Morgan Freeman is incredible in the underrated “Deep Impact.” And who can forget Harrison Ford’sGet off my plane!” moment from “Air Force One?” But the best of the best might very well be Bill Pullman from Roland Emmerich’sIndependence Day.” And apparently, it’s such a great performance that President Donald Trump felt it was appropriate to share a video where his face is put on Pullman’s during the film’s pivotal moment.

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Everyone knows the Presidential speech from “Independence Day.” Pullman’s delivery of “Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!” line is probably one of the most iconic film moments of the last three decades. And over the weekend, Trump shared a video that was made by a meme Twitter account that hastily put his face overtop Pullman’s during that scene.

As you might expect, the actor was not very pleased with having one of his most iconic big-screen moments co-opted by Trump.

“My voice belongs to no one but me, and I’m not running for president — this year,” Pullman said (via THR).

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This isn’t the first time that Trump has used films and TV shows to create dramatic tweets, showing that he’s somehow larger than life. In the past, he used “Game of Thrones” to promote trade talks. He’s used Hans Zimmer’s incredible score from “The Dark Knight Rises” to pump up another tweet that was eventually removed due to copyright infringement. And now, he’s using “Independence Day.”

For a future tweet, might we suggest this scene for Trump to use?

On second thought, even President Camacho in “Idiocracy” utilizes the knowledge of the country’s brightest mind to help solve the problems faced, admitting his own shortcomings. That might be a bit too far fetched for the current POTUS.

You can see the real speech from the film below, as well as the tweeted video from President Trump: