'Clash Of The Titans' Trailer: If You Liked '300,' You Will Soil Your Chainmail Undies

The trailer for Louis Leterrier’s “Clash of the Titans” has hit the net over at Moviefone, and it promises a lot of dead-serious asskicking. It’s a remake of the 1981 original, but it looks retrofitted to ape the more violent, tight-abbed kineticism of “300.” Sam Worthington, looking, we admit, convincingly badass, is Perseus, son of Zeus, who falls for Princess Andromeda but must go through a gauntlet of gods and monsters to win her hand. It looks like he breaks some unrelated skulls in there for extra measure, so good for him.

We’re not sure, since so much of Muse’s music goes for the same sort of Queen-esque bombast, but it sounds like the riffs in this clip are a product of lead singer Matt Bellamy’s work on the score. It does the job from a trailer aspect, but as a bias, we’d prefer something closer to Gabriel Yared’s rejected work on “Troy” for this project. Whatever the case, this teaser looks like a sufficient “special effects are coming” peek at one of next year’s more anticipated action blockbusters. We do expect later trailers to focus more on the stars, particularly International Action Superstar From “Taken” Liam Neeson (“Taken”). And marketing guys… that tagline… “Titans Will Clash”? Yeah, no shit.

‘Titans’ is unleashed on March 26th, 2010.