Yesterday, a report made the rounds, aiming to shed some light on what was originally going to happen in the version of “Star Wars: Episode IX” that filmmaker Colin Trevorrow was set to co-write and direct. Of course, we know that the filmmaker departed from the film and was replaced with JJ Abrams, with the latest film given the title ‘The Rise of Skywalker.’ The details of what was reported were shocking, to say the least, with fans flabbergasted at what was in the script. However, according to Trevorrow, it’s all nonsense.

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While the filmmaker (and anyone previously and/or currently involved with “Star Wars”) is normally mum about the details of his work with Lucasfilm, Trevorrow took to social media to refute the details that were being reported by Making Star Wars. And he did so in the most gentlemanly way possible.

“Yikes, that’s rough,” tweeted Trevorrow. “Normally I’d say nothing, but not a single thing in here was ever in any screenplay Derek [Connolly] and I wrote. Not one thing. All the best to you guys.”

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I must admit, I was warned not to watch the video, not because of the fact that the information was wrong but because there might have been spoilers for the upcoming ‘Rise of Skywalker.’ And like many fans, I enjoy my “Star Wars” spoiler-free. However, some of the revelations that were refuted by Trevorrow include the idea that Rey and Kylo Ren were somehow childhood friends that had their memories wiped by the First Order. How were they friends? Well, apparently the report claimed Rey is the daughter of one of Leia’s maids. Yep. That’s what was reported.

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Given those details seem very silly and would have likely made “Star Wars” fans a bit upset, to say the least, it’s refreshing to know that Trevorrow denies any of that information being part of his script.

Let’s just hope that the real answers that await us in ‘Rise of Skywalker’ are a bit more interesting than what seems to be a bit of fan-fiction. The Skywalker Saga ends with the latest film, which will be released on December 20.