In the days leading up to a film’s release, fans fully expect the actors and filmmakers involved to be raving about the film. That’s part of the deal, and it’s exactly why the studios expect them to go out promoting the project. But in the case of Richard E. Grant’s recent tweet after finally seeing “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” we can’t help but think that there’s immense sincerity in what he says.

The actor’s role in the upcoming Skywalker Saga finale is still unknown (he’s definitely not Thrawn, sorry), but his thoughts about the new “Star Wars” film are anything but secretive. If you take Grant’s word for it, then it seems as if Lucasfilm has hit a grand slam with ‘Rise of Skywalker.’

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“I’ve just seen ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,’ and nothing prepares you for this,” tweeted Grant. “I cheered, I shouted, I fist-pumped the air, I cried, I stood and cheered. It’s absolutely everything you hoped it would be. I’m so proud to be in it. I can’t wait for you to see it.”

Sure, he’s got a bit of a bias, considering the fact that he stars in the film. Obviously, he’s going to say good things about the film. However, watching his response, with the tears in his eyes, it’s clear that Grant has gone out of his way to post something to show just how in love with the film he is. And if you’re a fan of “Star Wars,” his words are enough to get you incredibly hyped for what director JJ Abrams has crafted.

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We’re just over two weeks away from seeing the film arriving in theaters, on December 20. So, it won’t be long until we all find out if Grant is speaking the truth or maybe just got caught up in the moment.