Back in the ‘80s, comic books were at a crossroads. Marvel and DC were pumping out feel-good superhero stories that were treading water, for the most part, with the status quo firmly in grasp. Then the ‘80s brought a new era to superhero stories, where creators took risks, aimed stories clearly at adults, and flipped the entire genre on its head. While it took a while for live-action superhero films and TV series to catch up, 2019 was the year we finally saw the tried-and-true superhero formula flipped on its head thanks to series like “Watchmen” and “The Boys.”

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While “Watchmen” is still deep into its first season (which is absolutely incredible), “The Boys” wrapped up over the summer and was fast-tracked into Season 2. Thanks to that speedy schedule, Amazon is already prepared to launch the next batch of episodes of the adult-themed series about superheroes behaving badly and those who have to clean up their messes.

And boy, does shit get messy!

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The opening scene of the teaser sets that up perfectly as the Superman-like character Homelander arrives into the frame with his face covered in blood. Instantly you know, “The Boys” is not your average superhero series. And Season 2 is going to take that a step further, as we see quick glimpses of the fan-favorite characters and the carnage that awaits.

Sure, it’s no “Watchmen,” which aims to take on real societal issues under the guise of superhero storytelling, but “The Boys” is out there taking the genre that rules the big screen and kicking it in the balls. And there’s definitely room for both flavors of deconstruction in this saturated market.

“The Boys” Season 2 arrives on Amazon Prime Video sometime in 2020.