It appears that, after helming some major studio tentpole films, director Daniel Espinosa is ready to go back to working on smaller-scale dramas, such as the upcoming feature, “The Execution.”

According to Deadline, Espinosa has signed on to helm a drama titled “The Execution,” which is set to tell the story of the tragic killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. For those that aren’t aware of the situation, Khashoggi was a Saudi-born journalist working for the Washington Post who was brutally executed. His killing became the source of a ton of political headlines, as the US found itself in a position of having to accuse its partner, Saudi Arabia, for being behind the slaying. Of course, there’s a lot more to the story, especially on the political side, that will make for a captivating thriller.

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Espinosa is probably best known for films such as “Safe House” and “Child 44.” Most recently, however, the filmmaker has helmed the sci-fi action film, “Life,” as well as the upcoming superhero film for Sony, “Morbius,” which was recently delayed until 2021. It seemed as if Espinosa was finding himself in a position of becoming a blockbuster filmmaker, but with the Khashoggi film on the slate, it appears that the director is still happy to work outside of the big studio tentpole system.

In addition to those films, Espinosa has also found himself in the discussions for other major blockbusters over the past several years. He was one of the filmmakers that was seemingly a front-runner to helm the live-action “Akira,” before that film was eventually given to Taika Waititi and now appears to be delayed, once more. Espinosa was also attached to “Assassin’s Creed” before Justin Kurzel came aboard to eventually direct the disappointing video game film.

It’s unclear when “The Execution” will be released, but we’ll be excited to see what Espinosa does without having to rely on tons of CGI and spectacle.