The Marvel/Netflix series “Jessica Jones” has found itself in the middle of an interesting situation. After the sudden demises of “Iron Fist,” “Luke Cage,” and “Daredevil,” many expected “Jessica Jones” and “The Punisher” to be next.” Then when the ax fell on both those series, we now knew the fate of “Jessica Jones,” but the final season of the series has yet to even have an announced premiere date. That being said, one of the actors responsible for the show’s popularity is David Tennant, and he’s taking an optimistic look at the recent news.

Speaking to EW, the actor was asked what his thoughts are about the end of the series. Tennant, of course, was the big bad of the first season, which was critically-acclaimed, and showed up again as a guest star in the second season. However, for the third and final season, Tennant will not be involved.

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“I don’t really regard it as a cancellation so much as something having the life that it should have,” the actor said. “Three seasons of that story is great. Rather than thinking of it as something that was canceled, I think of it as something that had three seasons that will live in the memory.”

The reactions to the cancellation news of the Marvel/Netflix series has ranged from Tennant’s calm, respectful response to other folks being incredibly disappointed and discouraged. What started as a massive partnership between two of the biggest companies in Hollywood quickly devolved into a mess, that resulted in 5 fan-favorite series getting cut, with no help in sight from big brother Marvel Studios or parent company Disney.

As mentioned, the lame-duck season of “Jessica Jones” is apparently not going to have a conclusive end, as the production was wrapped before the news was announced, and is yet to have a release date.