Elizabeth Banks Explains Casting Kristen Stewart For 'Charlie's Angels': "I Wanted Her To Surprise People"

Later this year, fans of the classic TV series and early-00’s films based on “Charlie’s Angels,” are going to see what filmmaker Elizabeth Banks does with the franchise. Sony is set to release a brand-new take on the ‘Angels’ and with a cast that includes Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, and Kristen Stewart, Banks thinks this version of the franchise is going to be a refreshing departure from the previous versions. And she thinks that a lot of the success will be due to Stewart’s role.

Speaking at CinemaCon (via CinemaBlend), Banks talked about the upcoming reboot of “Charlie’s Angels” and why she thinks Stewart is the perfect actress to bring on board to headline the new iteration of the franchise. When it was announced that the actress would be leading the new film, many were confused. Stewart has been reluctant to tackle major blockbusters after her stint in the “Twilight” franchise, and with her outspoken beliefs, “Charlie’s Angels” seemed a bit like an… odd choice.

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But according to Banks, the director couldn’t imagine anyone but Stewart in the film.

“I’m somebody who believes that 90% of the job is casting,” said Banks. “I mean, I’m an actor so of course I believe that [laughs]. But I really do believe that is key. I want to see from Robert Downey Jr. play Tony Stark; I don’t want to see anyone else do it. I want to see Kristen Stewart be a Charlie’s Angel and I didn’t want to see [anyone else do it].”

And the director wasn’t done after she cast Stewart in the role. To round out the trio of Angels, Banks wanted to make sure whoever she brought on would complement Stewart and make for a dynamic group of kickass ladies.

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Banks said, “I wanted her to surprise people and be on a journey. I wanted to give her other Angels that were not anything like her so that she could pull energy from and bounce off of and work off of. Because it’s the dynamism in the scenes that makes her really fun.”

Fans of K-Stew and the “Charlie’s Angels” franchise will get a chance to see what the actor brings to the role when the film hits theaters on November 15.