'Full Circle': Steven Soderbergh Reteaming With Writer Ed Solomon For A New HBO Max Miniseries

Surprise, surprise, Steven Soderbergh is making yet another project. The man clearly doesn’t sleep and is really keen on making the most of his HBO deal by co-creating and directing a new limited series, “Full Circle.”

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According to HBO, Steven Soderbergh is reteaming with his “No Sudden Move” collaborators, writer Ed Solomon and producer Casey Silver, for a new six-episode limited series coming to HBO Max, titled “Full Circle.” The series will be written by Solomon and each episode will be directed by Soderbergh. (Knowing the filmmaker, he’ll probably knock it out over the course of six days and have it ready to watch by next week. The man is a workhorse.)

Here’s the synopsis from HBO:

An Investigation into a botched kidnapping uncovers long-held secrets connecting multiple characters and cultures in present-day New York City.

“Even by Ed’s standards this is a complex narrative that manages to be both kaleidoscopic and intimate,” said Soderbergh. “Our task now is to assemble a great cast and make sure we execute at the level the scripts deserve.”

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Judging by “No Sudden Move” and the rest of the filmmaker’s career, finding A-list actors will likely not be a problem. Soderbergh has a knack for finding incredibly talented folks to bring his projects to life. And you can’t help but get excited when he uses words like “complex,” “kaleidoscopic,” and “intimate.” It makes you wonder just what tricks he has up his sleeve this time?

And in case you’re thinking I’m being hyperbolic talking about Soderbergh’s prolific filmmaking, you’re mistaken. Since 2019, he has released four feature films and has already entered post-production on a fifth, the upcoming “Kimi.” The latter film doesn’t have a release date yet, but don’t be surprised if we see it by the end of the year or early 2022.