By and large, the DC Universe streaming series hasn’t had the massive footprint in the streaming consciousness of people that WarnerMedia hoped it would. Sure, the diehard comic book fans are probably paying the premium to watch new episodes of TV series such as “Titans” and “Stargirl,” but for the most part, the initial intrigue into what DC Universe might be has died down. However, that doesn’t mean the streaming service isn’t releasing interesting content, such as the animated “Harley Quinn” series.

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Unlike other animated ‘Batman’ series, “Harley Quinn” is an R-rated, foul-mouthed comedy series that feels more like “Deadpool” than it does “Suicide Squad.” It’s basically “Birds of Prey” but with a much more comic book-accurate bent. Needless to say, it’s comedic, pull-no-punches freedom allows for it to make some commentary on fandom that big-budget, four-quadrant superhero films likely wouldn’t dare attempt.

As seen in the clip below, a new episode of “Harley Quinn” begins with an opening scene that puts the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and ‘Last Jedi’ trolls in its sights and ridicules the hell out of them. Obviously, it should go without saying that the scene is meant for comedic value and doesn’t aim to paint the entire group of people that dislike ‘Last Jedi’ and support Zack Snyder in one big basket. Instead, the scene depicts two grown men in their basement discussing what to watch. And over the course of the conversation, it becomes clear that the men subscribe to the toxic troll beliefs that feminism sucks and “SJWs” are just “virtue signaling.”

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Fittingly, it ends with one of them saying that if they can’t find anything to watch, they’ll end up just watching “Family Guy.” That about sums it up, huh?

You can watch the scene below: