In a summer of filled with disappointing sequels, “X-Men: Apocalypse” might have been one of the biggest letdowns. Longtime fans weren’t particularly enthralled and audiences in general didn’t seem all that excited (the movie earned around $200 million less worldwide than “X-Men: Days Of Future Past“). So what went wrong? The Honest Trailer for the movie is here to help sort you out.

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Essentially, director Bryan Singer forgot to make a good movie. The muddled continuity-reboot storyline, which now stuck the characters in the 1980s, didn’t help matters, nor did a bland villain in Oscar Isaac‘s titular Apocalypse. And the movie went through the motions, hitting the long expected beats of the X-Men franchise —hey, there’s Wolverine again! here’s another underdeveloped Jean Grey storyline!— rather than offer anything new.

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