Jean-Luc Godard’s 'Image Et Parole' Still In Production, Won't Be Ready For Cannes

Jean-Luc Godard blandly declared that “film is over” in 2011, but it’s the kind of statement from the director that he likely meant as both pronouncement and provocation. At any rate, no matter the state of the medium, at 86 years old, Godard is still going strong. His last feature was 2014’s “Goodbye To Language,” and ever since he’s been quietly putting together his next movie, “Image et Parole.” And while sales company Wild Bunch will rep the film, they say it’s still a ways off from being ready.

“He’s being shooting it for nearly two years now. We were hoping it would be ready for Cannes but it won’t be,” the company’s Vincent Maraval told Screen Daily. “It’s a reflection on the Arab world today among other subjects.”

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Indeed, the film, which is still in production, has been shot throughout the Arab world and is said to blend fact and fiction, though no logline has been provided (but to be fair, trying to summarize Godard films these days is a bit of a fool’s errand).

So perhaps Godard will pop up in Venice with his latest? We’ll see, but given two years has already elapsed, the legendary filmmaker doesn’t seem to be in any particular hurry, so I also wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t appear on the festival circuit until 2018.