Earlier this week, word came that Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum would all be reuniting in the upcoming “Jurassic World 3,” reprising their roles from the Steven Spielberg classic, “Jurassic Park.” Naturally, fans of the original film were psyched, as those three actors turned in iconic performances in what is one of the best films in Spielberg’s entire filmography.

But it wasn’t just fans that were excited by the news, as Jeff Goldblum himself took to social media to express his joy.

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“Happy as a clam-asaurus to be reunited with my brilliant costars from the original Jurassic Park @lauradern and @samneilltheprop for the next installment of @jurassicworld…coming soon,” wrote Goldblum, in an Instagram post.

This isn’t the first time that Goldblum has returned to the ‘Jurassic’ franchise. He was the only member of the original three to come back for the subsequent sequel, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.” He also is the one that was in the most recent outing, ‘Fallen Kingdom,’ though his role was little more than a cameo.

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So, that being said, it’s nice that all three are going to reunite finally to provide what is likely the ending of the saga that began over 25 years ago. Let’s just hope that filmmaker Colin Trevorrow is able to make a film that is worthy of their talents because honestly, the first two films were not…uh, great, by any stretch.

We still don’t have a full plot or title for the third ‘Jurassic World’ film. We do know that Trevorrow co-wrote the feature with Emily Carmichael and the film does have a release date of June 11, 2021.