Jeremy Renner Has Officially Gone From Badass Superhero To Amazon Shill & I Love Everything About It

Jeremy Renner is a lot of things. He’s the star of many films (both good and bad), including reprising his Clint Barton/Hawkeye role in the biggest film of all time, “Avengers: Endgame.” Renner is also a pop star (yep, you read that right). And perhaps what you didn’t know about him, and what Amazon is hoping you believe, is that the actor is a tough, outdoorsy, mountain man. Don’t believe me? Well, we got the pictures to prove it.

Just recently, Renner has launched his own “store” on Amazon, focused on outdoor living. Need a sleeping bag? Renner has you covered. Rugged Jeans? Got that, too. Knives of various sizes? Renner’s got plenty of knives for you. Archery equipment? Are you fucking kidding me? Duh!

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But the fact that Jeremy Renner has recently transitioned from Hawkeye to rock singer and now Amazon spokesperson isn’t interesting enough all on its own. Sure, those music videos are…uh, something. But the best part of this new look for Renner is the series of “candid” pictures that Amazon posted on his storefront.

If you are any sort of nature-loving person, you’ve likely spent some time camping. But have you really camped unless you have perfectly coiffed hair, some tight-fitting designer jeans, and a smoldering look that would put Derek Zoolander on notice? Sorry folks, if you can’t answer yes, do you even camp?

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Check out the below picture of Renner fishing. I don’t know about you, but growing up in the American South, I didn’t realize that everyone I know has been fishing incorrectly. T-shirts, ratty jeans, plenty of alcohol, and bugs all over the place are normally fishing necessities. But not if you’re the star of ‘Avengers.’


But maybe the best picture of the bunch is the requisite archery image. I mean, you can’t have Jeremy Renner pitching outdoors equipment and not have him pose with a bow and arrow, right? Why else get Hawkeye if not to put him in the below picture? However, you can’t help but wonder why the folks at Amazon thought it would be best for Renner to aim away from the obvious target. Who is he aiming at? A passerby? A companion that talked shit about his elegant clothing? Or maybe the Hawkeye thing is all a joke and Renner just doesn’t realize that he’s supposed to aim at the bullseye? Lots of questions about this one.


Obviously, I’m poking fun at Renner. He’s a fine actor, a halfway-decent singer, and will no doubt sell lots of doodads for Amazon. But you just have to wonder if his Marvel Studios contract wasn’t up to part with the likes of Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, RDJ, or Scarlett Johansson, and the man is just trying to keep up with his ‘Avengers’ fam.