Had Warner Bros. not rushed the reshot “Justice League” into cinemas, would it have been better? Well, Henry Cavill’s upper lip might’ve looked a bit less like an uncanny valley. But we might never really know how things would’ve turned out had Joss Whedon not been micromanaged by Warner Bros., or Zack Snyder was given the space to make the movie he wanted. Despite many calls for a director’s cut of “Justice League,” as expected, it’s probably not going to happen.

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VFX artist LDN Films, who worked on “Justice League,” hit Reddit, — and yes, was verified —  and before anything really got started, laid out why fans will want to cool their jets about sending Snyder back into the editing suite:

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So, why won’t it happen? Well, you can blame it on the leak of the unfinished, deleted scenes to the web, one of which included Kiersey Clemons, whom Warner Bros. were planning to replace digitally. The actress was cast as Iris West in “The Flash” when Rick Famuyiwa was attached, but the studio decided to pivot once he left. However, now that fans have seen the actress in action, they want her for the role.

As you might’ve surmised, lots of material was cut from the finished movie, but LDN Films asserts that the excised material was nothing out of the ordinary for a blockbuster.

Of course, all of this could change, and maybe Warner Bros. could put something together. But that would mean hiring VFX teams again and throwing more money after “Justice League,” which is something the studio may not be too keen on doing at this point. Still, fans are persistent, so we’ll just have to see how this unfolds.