Typically, we’d avoid posting about spoilers for a Marvel project (or any high-profile film or TV series) for at least a week. However, with “WandaVision” dropping Marvel bombshells every seven days, we can’t really sit back and ignore something awesome before the latest hot thing comes along Friday, can we? And with that, we want to talk about how great Kathryn Hahn has been on “WandaVision” and why she probably has the best theme song yet.

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Needless to say, spoilers for “WandaVision” are below…

In the most recent episode of “WandaVision,” it was revealed that Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes is really Agatha Harkness, the evil witch that has been manipulating Wanda’s emotions since the very beginning. Fans of the comic book source material have pretty much guessed Hahn was the big bad before the series was even airing, as it wasn’t a stretch to imagine Agnes was actually Agatha, one of the most influential evil-doers in Wanda Maximoff’s Marvel history.

But even with the reveal that everyone saw coming, it was the way “WandaVision” unveiled the news that really got everyone excited. With playing with TV sitcom tropes for seven straight episodes, the Agatha Harkness twist was revealed with its own “Munsters”-esque theme song. And Marvel went ahead and released the clip below, to further cement the “Agatha All Along” song as an earworm that will destroy your brain and make people wonder why you keep muttering the name Agatha all the time?

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That said, the theme song would only be partially a win if it wasn’t for the greatness of Hahn, who clearly has a blast acting like an over-the-top evil witch. Her voice, the cackle, and even her admitting that she killed the family dog are just pitch-perfect in a show where the tone has been of the utmost importance. And now, given that Hahn is likely going to have a much bigger role in the final two episodes, it’s exciting to see what else she has in store in her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Hopefully, she doesn’t die and we can see more of her in the future because you can never have too much Hahn.

“WandaVision” has two more episodes coming, beginning with this week’s debuting on Friday.