If you’re looking for the next Sam Raimi, you might not need to look much further than Timo Tjahjanto. While many of you probably know the filmmaker best for his recent action film, “The Night Comes for Us,” he also released a horror film in 2018 titled, “May the Devil Take You.” And while Raimi’s name is nowhere to be found on that film, or the upcoming sequel, “May the Devil Take You Too,” it’s clear that Tjahjanto is a fan of the filmmaker’s horror output.

As seen in the new trailer for “May The Devil Take You Too,” Tjahjanto takes another stab at horror with a sequel to his 2018 film. But honestly, even if you haven’t seen the first ‘Devil’ film, you should at least watch the trailer for this to see just how bonkers and wild it is. The filmmaker uses all the Raimi-esque tricks, with odd camera movements, over-the-top scares, and a general feeling of playfulness that contrasts the incredible horror on display. No, this isn’t a comedy, but you can tell that Tjahjanto is loving every second.

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To give you an idea of what you might expect in this new film, here’s a sentence from our review of the first “May The Devil Take You”: “Whether you’re bothered by creepy pale priestesses, ropes of hair, fingernails being dragged across a wooden floor or other terrors, there’s something for everyone.”

Horror fans that have been let down with recent entries in the genre like “The Turning,” “Black Christmas,” and “The Grudge” should keep an eye out for Tjahjanto’s upcoming film. And if you haven’t seen the first one, run to Netflix and check it out.

While there’s no US release date listed, “May the Devil Take You Too” is arriving in Indonesian cinemas on February 27.