Welcome again, dear reader, to our (apparently) twice-daily update regarding David O. Russell’s upcoming, untitled film. As you probably know, we published a report earlier today about how Margot Robbie has signed on to star in the new film along with Christian Bale. But just when we think the dust has settled, another bit of casting comes along that is worth sharing, as Michael B. Jordan has joined the festivities.

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According to THR, Jordan is the newest actor to join the upcoming film directed by Russell. The new film marks Russell’s return to the big screen after his 2016 project, “Joy.” Once again, a report is published about this new film, and once again, there are little-to-no details given. But the inclusion of Jordan to the already-stacked cast of Robbie and Bale is pretty awesome, nonetheless.

Jordan is coming off an acclaimed turn in the film “Just Mercy.” He’s probably best known for films such as the two “Creed” projects, “Black Panther,” and his breakout role in “Fruitvale Station.” And if you’re a big Michael B. Jordan fan, you can probably remember his standout role in HBO’s acclaimed series “The Wire.” Though he looked a lot different back then.

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The untitled film from Russell is expected to begin production this April, which puts it as a likely 2021 debut. However, stranger things have happened, and depending on the post-production timeline, we could look at Russell sneaking in just under the wire for 2020 awards consideration.

Regardless of the release date, when you combine Jordan, Robbie, and Bale in a film, there’s no way we’re missing it.