Michael Haneke’s New Film ‘Happy End’ Is Now Filming, Mathieu Kassovitz Confirmed To Join Cast

Europe is currently in as disastrous a state as any time in the last seventy years, one could argue. The refugee crisis that has seen thousands die in the Mediterranean as they attempt to seek sanctuary from war, the rise of the far-right in multiple countries, and, most recently, Britain cutting off its nose to spite its face and voting to leave the E.U., sending world economies tumbling and setting off a new era of fear and uncertainty. So what better time for Michael Haneke to return to the scene?

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The Austrian helmer is one of the most uncompromising and acclaimed European filmmakers, and just days after Brexit, today began shooting on his very timely new film, according to Screen Daily. Details are scarce, but we know that the film involves a well-to-do family in northern France living in a privileged bubble unaware of the despair suffered in migrant camps in Calais.

As previously reported, Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Louis Trintignant, who both appeared in “Amour” for the director, have returned, while “Amelie” star and “La Haine” director Mathieu Kassovitz has been confirmed to be joining the cast as well. With shooting underway, this would seem to be a lock for Cannes next year — can Haneke make it three Palme D’Ors in a row?