If you’re anything like me, you’re likely not the type that’s going to get excited about Disney’s latest live-action rehash of one of their animated classics. And instead, you’re looking for something a bit more adult and engaging. Well, if you want to see a movie that will definitely have you thinking about it for days after and doesn’t require you to listen to Seth Rogen attempt to sing, then might I suggest Ari Aster’s latest nightmare, “Midsommar?”

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And in honor of “Midsommar” disturbing audiences in theaters now, we’re thrilled to offer our readers a chance to see an exclusive clip from the film that not only keeps all the surprises of the film intact, but also gives you a peek at one of the most underrated aspects of the film — the relationship drama.

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In the clip, we see an example of the interplay between the characters, which is perhaps even more disturbing and uncomfortable than what is seen later in the film. The clip shows the basic premise of “Midsommar,” which is a film about how two young people, with a long-term relationship on the rocks, join friends on a trip to an exclusive festival in Sweden. But the problem is that Florence Pugh’s Dani wasn’t invited…technically.

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We’ve all been involved, in some capacity, in a situation like the one in the clip. It’s uncomfortable. It’s confusing. And without a doubt, it’s going to end badly. And spoiler alert, it does end pretty badly.

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In addition to Pugh, “Midsommar” stars Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, and Will Poulter. The film is written and directed by Ari Aster, who broke out in a big, big way with last year’s incredible horror film, “Hereditary.”

“Midsommar” is in theaters now.

Here’s the film’s synopsis:

Dani and Christian are a young American couple with a relationship on the brink of falling apart. But after a family tragedy keeps them together, a grieving Dani invites herself to join Christian and his friends on a trip to a once-in-a-lifetime midsummer festival in a remote Swedish village. What begins as a carefree summer holiday in a land of eternal sunlight takes a sinister turn when the insular villagers invite their guests to partake in festivities that render the pastoral paradise increasingly unnerving and viscerally disturbing. From the visionary mind of Ari Aster comes a dread-soaked cinematic fairytale where a world of darkness unfolds in broad daylight.