New Look: Two Clips From Derek Cianfrance's Romantic Drama 'Blue Valentine'

Three clips have been unveiled from Derek Cianfrance’s romantic-drama “Blue Valentine” in what promises to be a Ryan Gosling-Michelle Williams tour de force.

The film follows the story of Dean and Cindy over the course of 36 hours as they try to repair their dwindling relationship whilst cutting to their past and how they came together. Co-starring are the likes of John Doman, Mike Vogel and Faith Wladkya, who plays the lead couple’s daughter.

Our Cannes review described the film as a prickly, raw and devastatingly real drama in particular lauding the two leads’ authentic performances. From “the gestures, mannerisms, longing and body language of courtship and love to the silence, tension and confusion of a relationship gone cold,” the actors are said to embody and live within these characters and exhibit a striking familiarity with each other.

Both of the clips are from the flashback sequences chronicling the development of the relationship in the film. In the first Dean (Gosling), runs into Cindy (Williams) on a bus and jokingly asserts that because she is so beautiful, she must be crazy. Cindy, looking to prove that she’s funny and easy to get along with and not a nut, decides to tell a particularly off-color and hilariously wrong joke. We’re kind of bummed to see one of the film’s best scenes land online in advance of the release; it’s the kind of moment best savored in the context of the movie.

The second, more dramatic scene, finds Dean and Cindy walking on the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s shortly after Cindy finds out something that could threaten their budding relationship and she’s unsure how to break it to Dean. Dean, aware that something is not right, goes to extreme lengths to get her to open up about what’s troubling her (and don’t worry, it’s not revealed here).

And in case you missed it, here’s another clip that hit the web a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately, the film isn’t due for release until December 31st when it’ll hit with a limited Oscar-qualifying release. These clips, however, should provide enough incentive for the wait and/or make the wait seem frustratingly longer.