'The New Mutants' Director Says The Long-Awaited Film Coming In 2020 Will Be His Original Vision

The story of Fox’sThe New Mutants” film is far too long and repetitive to recap fully here. Here’s the best Cliff’s Notes version I can muster: Writer-director Josh Boone was hired to bring a new team of mutant superheroes to the Fox ‘X-Men’ universe and decided to make the film a horror film. After shooting said film, in the style he wanted, the studio wasn’t pleased with the end result and called for extensive reshoots that were rumored to include a whole new CGI character and less of a horror vibe. Then the film got delayed. And delayed. And delayed. Finally, Fox was bought by Disney and the film’s future was called into question.

Would it debut on Hulu, effectively being dumped as a relic to a universe that doesn’t exist anymore? Would Disney pay for the reshoots and try to make something out of it? Or maybe the whole thing would get scrapped and the film that Boone shot would just disappear in the ether?

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Well, according to the filmmaker himself, “The New Mutants” is coming in 2020 (a trailer is arriving in the next week, supposedly), and not only that, the version of the film that we’re going to see is Boone’s original vision.

In an exchange on social media, a fan asked Boone if the version of the film that is getting released by Disney is his “og version” (aka the director’s original vision, without the reshoots)?

Boone replied on Instagram, saying, “I wouldn’t be promoting it here if it wasn’t.”

Now, that can be taken in a number of ways. First, it should be noted that, by all accounts, Disney and Boone never moved forward with that plan to do the reshoots. Throughout 2019, when actors who appear in the film were asked about the reshoots, they were in the dark as much as most fans. So, the fact that the film that Disney is releasing is the “og version” is, kinda, obvious.

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That being said, does this mean that Disney has the confidence that what Boone shot originally is the correct vision for the film? Well, the only people who know that are probably the execs at Disney, as it could be just a simple case of the studio wanting to get this film released ASAP and don’t want to put any more money into it, so the Mouse House is just giving Boone the greenlight to finish it on his own terms. Obviously, the last thing you want is another “director isn’t pleased with the finished product” superhero movie. Fox went down that disastrous road with “Fantastic Four” and Josh Trank.

So, for fans of filmmakers and supporting creative visions, this is definitely a win. Josh Boone, after years of back and forth, with hardly any information being released, is getting a chance to release “The New Mutants” on his own terms. That’s good.

The only question that remains is — will it be any good?

“The New Mutants” is supposed to be released April 3, 2020. That is, unless Disney has another delay in mind.