New Clips From 'A Star Is Born' Highlight Incredible Chemistry And The Amazing Supporting Cast

Bradley Cooper‘s directorial debut, “A Star Is Born,” is already being called an early frontrunner for major awards this coming season. Premiering at the Venice Film Festival to wide acclaim, critics suggest that the talented pair (Cooper and Lady Gaga) not only live up to the hype but also mold a natural, engrossing chemistry on screen.

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With the trailer playing practically in every movie theater, “A Star Is Born” has added a few clips to entice audiences further. The clips act along the lines of new pseudo-trailers for the film. Intertwining title cards of Cooper and Lady Gaga’s names with footage of the pair talking in a bar, performing on stage; leading the rockstar life.

Showcasing Cooper’s rasping, country vocals and a dynamic chemistry with Gaga, audiences also get a glimpse of Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliott. Elliott plays Cooper’s brother in the film, and with Cooper’s deep drawl, the connection is made much more concrete. Chappelle, on the other hand, tries to keep Cooper’s Jackson Maine on track, reminding him of the old days, with added glimpses of Maine’s impending downward spiral.

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Our own Jessica Kiang saw the film’s premiere at Venice, noting how Cooper shines as director and star. It is a recycled, quintessential Hollywood, from-rags-to-riches story with a fresh take. The cast and crew may very well have a new classic on their hands, as the film will be doled out to theaters for audiences to see soon. For now, Cooper’s movie is making the festival rounds, and more and more chatter will build as to its legitimate run for awards gold. But so far, the film is living up to the hype.

“A Star Is Born” hits theaters October 5.