One of the most coveted Marvel Studios jobs has been filled and it appears that Nia DaCosta has been picked to helm the upcoming “Captain Marvel 2.”

According to Deadline, DaCosta has been chosen to helm the “Captain Marvel” sequel, which was written by “WandaVision” writer Megan McDonnell. The filmmaker takes over the franchise which began with 2019’s $1.13 billion-grossing first film directed by Anne Bowden and Ryan Fleck. And obviously, Brie Larson is set to return in the title role in the new film.

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DaCosta is probably best known for her debut feature, “Little Woods,” which hit theaters in 2018 and stars Marvel alum Tessa Thompson and Lily James. That film played the festival circuit and earned critical acclaim. She then went on to direct multiple episodes of “Top Boy” Season 3. Her next feature is the recently-delayed “Candyman” reboot, which she co-wrote with Jordan Peele and Win Rosenfeld. That horror feature was supposed to arrive in theaters on June 12, before being delayed until September. However, just recently, the film was once again pushed back until October 16.

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When you look at the upcoming slate of Marvel Studios films, “Captain Marvel 2” is one of the highest-profile projects available. With the end of “Avengers: Endgame” clearly setting up Brie Larson’s character as one of the major forces of the new generation of heroes in the MCU, all eyes are on the sequel to see what might happen with the character. The original film was set in the ‘90s and received a fairly tepid response from critics, as the story wasn’t necessarily as strong as it could have been and probably should have been, considering the feature was the first Marvel Studios feature with a female lead. However, fans really resonated with Larson’s character and the film easily crossed the billion-dollar mark.

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There’s still no release date set for “Captain Marvel 2,” and considering that the entire Phase 4 lineup has been in flux due to the pandemic, it’s unlikely we’ll get a release date confirmation anytime soon. That being said, clearly, Marvel Studios is continuing to move forward with the development of the film and Brie Larson will be suiting up soon enough.