Warner Bros. seems to be really going hard on the trailers for “Kong: Skull Island,” but some of the biggest moments from the movie are in here, so consider yourself warned.

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This latest sizzle reel of sorts has been nicknamed “Groovy,” presumably because of the music that accompanies it. But it’s a bummer that some of the ’60s and ’70s soundtrack cuts from the movie aren’t heard here. But as I said, this trailer is sort of a supercut of the big action moments, so if you’re planning on seeing the film this weekend, you might just want to wait.

“Kong: Skull Island” lands on Friday.

  • Dheep’ P

    “Oh …. thanks Sam. we wouldn’t have figured that out” ( “What we have here men …” and on & on and so forth and …)
    And here we go with yet ANOTHER potentially good movie marred by the overexposed Jackson Whine.
    Enough already