Owen Wilson Says ‘Wedding Crashers 2’ Isn’t Filming In August & They’re Still “Figuring Out” The Idea

Recently, the internet went crazy when it was reported that a sequel to the classic comedy film, “The Wedding Crashers” was not only happening but was going to enter production in August. This was later corroborated by other outlets that said the sequel seemed like it was definitely happening. Well, sadly, for fans of the film, it appears talk of the sequel is still a bit premature, according to Owen Wilson.

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Speaking to Variety, Owen Wilson set the record straight about “Wedding Crashers 2.” And by setting the record straight, I basically mean that he’s echoing the sentiments of David Dobkin, who has gone on record saying that an idea is being worked on but nothing is set in stone.

“Some people are saying that you guys are going to be going in August, and that’s not right,” Wilson said.

“Wedding Crashers” is a 2005 comedy film that stars Wilson alongside Vince Vaughn as two single men that crash weddings in the hopes of hooking up with single women. The film was a massive hit when it was released and discussions about a sequel have been happening for years. Alas, more than 15 years later, we have yet to see “Wedding Crashers 2.”

The actors continued by saying that Dobkin “has been working on something,” and the filmmaker has been “talking with Vince [Vaughn]” about it. But again, it doesn’t appear the sequel is ready to begin filming later this summer.

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“If we all agree that we have a good idea, then we’re trying to make something good,” Wilson added. “But it’s sort of figuring out what that idea would be and if we think we could do something worthwhile.”

Clearly, as we saw with Dobkin’s earlier comments, Owen Wilson is on board for a new “Wedding Crashers” film if the idea can come together. We’ll just have to hold back our enthusiastic cries of joy until it’s confirmed.