The idea that there hasn’t already been a sequel to 2005’s hit comedy film, “Wedding Crashers,” is incredibly shocking. The film was a huge success at the box office and everyone involved seemed to love the making of the feature. So, what stopped the ball rolling on a sequel? Was the studio not interested? Nope, in fact, according to David Dobkin’s interview with UPROXX, the director of the original film and the stars (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) were offered a ton of money for a sequel, but they didn’t want to do it for creative reasons.

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“They asked us to do it. I mean, they asked us to do it by Monday morning of opening weekend!” revealed Dobkin. “And they put a king’s ransom on the table for us to say yes. And the couple times we sat down and hashed it out — Vince and Owen and I, by the way, we spent a couple of afternoons laughing our asses off, but in the long run, I was like, it’s the same movie. I don’t want to make the same movie again.”

But now, more than a decade later, the filmmaker has changed his mind. Dobkin thinks he has broken the code for the new “Wedding Crashers” film and it’s only because he was able to wait this long that the actual story presented itself.

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“And about four years ago, I hung up the phone after saying no and I was like, you know what? Two guys that are in their mid to late 40s, that all of a sudden find themselves single again and have a skillset for that?” he said. “But it’s actually a skillset that’s not going to work for them anymore? They’re kind of too old for this. I’m like, at least that’s a real story.”

Dobkin added, “My friends that are in their late 40s who, either their marriages didn’t work out or they never even necessarily ended up with the girl that they wanted to marry. In either version, you can’t just have the life you want because you want it. And when you get later in age and you find that even going out dating is weird and strange and you’re looked at as a bit of an old man. I was like, that’s funny. How can we take that? That would be the story I would want to see of these two guys, and so we started hashing it out and we played around with it. It seems very promising.”

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Of course, just because there’s an idea for a story and a filmmaker ready to work on it, that doesn’t mean “Wedding Crashers 2” is right around the corner. In fact, Dobkin said that any sequel would only get made if he, Vince Vaughn, and Owen Wilson can all agree that the story is good and the time is right.

So, while it appears we’re closer than ever before to a ‘Wedding Crashers’ sequel, it’s still not a guarantee. But we know studios sure do love to throw money are reboots and sequels of films that have sat on the shelf for a while, so why would this be any different?