Ridley Scott has been blabbering about his Robin Hood adaptation for some time now, and even a few casting choices had been made. But last we heard the project had been indefinitely postponed, and no actor had been cast in the role of Robin Hood.

But now MTV.com is reporting that they overcame the whole no-actor for Robin Hood problem by casting Russell Crowe as both the sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood. My god, we hope this is some sort of sick practical joke. Is Scott just so tired of dealing with actors who are not Russell Crowe that he decided to cut another one out of the mix to make things easier? Is this just the beginning of a trend, and from now on Ridely and Russell will begin making movies with Crowe playing every role? Whatever this is, hopefully it will get trumped by somebody before shooting begins. Meanwhile, Scott’s next upcoming project, “Body Of Lies,” with Crowe (of course) and Leo DiCaprio looks terrible and has zero Oscar buzz thus far. Expect this one to be totally forgotten come February.