As we’ve said time and time again, any new TV project from Scott Frank is a must-see. Thankfully, with the massive success of “The Queen’s Gambit,” his most recent venture, most everyone agrees that the writer is someone that you should continue to follow. And it appears that his next series, “The Sparrow,” might be his most ambitious project yet.

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According to THR, “The Queen’s Gambit” creator, Scott Frank, is now going to take on a new FX series, titled “The Sparrow.” The show is based on Mary Doria Russell’s novel of the same name and follows a group of Jesuit priests and scientists that make contact with extraterrestrial life. Then, with the backing of the Vatican, a group of humans goes on an adventure in space to help prove the existence of God. Of course, not everything turns out exactly as they expect.

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Frank serves as a producer on the series and will write all of the episodes. He’s joined by Johan Renck, of “Chernobyl” fame, as the director of the new limited series. Obviously, with Frank coming off of his biggest hit ever and Renck coming off his award-winning work on “Chernobyl,” there should be plenty of actors interested in signing up for this very interesting religious/sci-fi series.

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As mentioned, in addition to “The Queen’s Gambit,” Frank has already established himself as a force in TV thanks to his work on Netflix’s underappreciated series, “Godless.” And “The Sparrow” isn’t the only new TV series that Frank is developing. It was recently revealed that the creator is also working on a Sam Spade series with Clive Owen in the lead. And yes, there’s still a mystery project that could have Anya Taylor-Joy involved. Maybe that’s “The Sparrow?” We’ll have to wait and see.