Even though MTV has long since abandoned the idea of showing music videos, more and more artists are relying on the art form to help generate streams and purchases. So, with the idea that any video has the potential of going viral, musicians are using any possible upper hand they can to help. Case in point — the new Beck music video for the song “Uneventful Days,” directed by Dev Hynes.

The video isn’t necessarily the most revolutionary clip in existence. But what the video lacks in a coherent narrative, it gains in sheer star power. Even if you aren’t a fan of Beck’s music and not sure who Dev Hynes is, then maybe actresses Tessa Thompson, Evan Rachel Wood, and Alia Shawkat will be enough to entice you to give the video a shot. All three of them show up in the new video, with Thompson and Wood probably getting the most screen time.

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Thompson and Wood appear to be people involved in a relationship that is on the rocks. But honestly, you might not pay much attention to the plot when you see Thompson in a leather jacket and cowboy hat. Clearly, she’s the standout of the whole affair.

This is the second video by Dev Hynes we’ve featured recently. Previous to this, he was responsible for a music video and song that was used to promote James Gray’s recent film “Ad Astra.” In that clip, he used the sounds of space to create a score that was laid over clips from the film, in an avante garde sort of film experiment.

It would appear now that Hynes is interested in more directing. And if “Uneventful Days” is an example of what he might bring to the art form, then we’re down to see what he might have up his sleeve in the future.