'Villains' Trailer: Bill Skarsgård & Maika Monroe Break Into The Wrong House In Horror-Thriller Standout From SXSW

With low-budget horror films becoming so ubiquitous, for a film to succeed, it has to break the mold. Judging by the first trailer for “Villains,” the new stylish, but twisted, horror film definitely takes the typical home invasion thriller and turns it on its head.

“Villains” tells the story of a Bonnie & Clyde-esque couple that is on the run, looking for a place to hide out. They break into what seems to be a nice home, while the residents aren’t there. Unfortunately, the residents of the house do return and even though they seem like the perfect suburban homeowners, the criminals quickly realize that’s not the case. After the tables turn and the home invaders become the victims, the true wickedness of the homeowners becomes apparent.

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We saw the film during SXSW and in our review, we said, “‘Villains’ is wacky off the walls fun and it constructs a solid sandbox for its actors to play in and deliver four colorfully captivating performances about the shades and degrees of human wickedness.”

“Villains” stars Bill Skarsgård, Maika Monroe, Jeffrey Donovan, and Kyra Sedgwick. The thriller comes from directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, who also penned the script. The duo previously worked on the horror films “The Stakelander” and “Body.”

“Villains” is set to hit theaters on September 20.

Here’s the synopsis:

Mickey and Jules are lovers on the run, headed southbound for a fresh start in the Sunshine State. When their car dies after a gas station robbery, they break into a nearby house looking for a new set of wheels. What they find instead is a dark secret and a sweet-as-pie pair of homeowners who will do anything to keep it from getting out.