‘Wakanda Forever’: The ‘Black Panther’ Sequel Offers Superhero Grief Counseling & Another Dose Of Geopolitical Intrigue [The Playlist Podcast]

There were a lot of questions going into the release of Marvel Studios’Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” How would the sequel deal with the sudden passing of Chadwick Boseman, the franchise’s leader? Who is going to suit up as the new Black Panther? And do we really need a villain with pointy ears and winged ankles? Thankfully, Ryan Cooger and his fantastic cast have once again delivered a “Black Panther” film that answers all those questions a whole lot more. And at two hours and 45 minutes, for real, there is a lot of movie here. That’s where this episode of The Playlist Podcast comes in.

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In this episode, we break down the highly-anticipated sequel to 2018’s “Black Panther,” the new film “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” The film has a lot on its mind. This is a movie with plenty of stakes, emotional moments with the passing of King T’Challa, as well as questions about what people do when they’ve lost their king, their protector, and in some cases, a close family member. As you might imagine, this leads to a really somber film, but one filled with plenty of catharsis and excitement over the course of its extended run-time.

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You can hear our full discussion below: 

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