One can’t help but feel bad for Warner Bros. and DC Films, who seem to be chasing every idea at once without settling on a game plan. They seem to move at the whims of whatever the latest tweet might be about their brand; they almost immediately pivoted to proclaiming future movies would have more hope after the blowback against Zack Snyder‘s gritty and sour “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.” But this process of constantly shifting creative gears has left developing projects, notably “The Flash,” in trouble, as no one can agree on what vision to pursue. Still, the studio needs to keep the wheels turning and they’re hoping that “Aquaman” won’t be the only movie they’ll release in 2018.

With “The Batman” likely not to start lensing until 2018, the studio is apparently looking at their other options, and hoping that something can get in front of cameras this year, according to Variety reporter Justin Kroll. The options?

The Flash
This would need to find a director and new script, and wouldn’t be able to start shooting until the fall at the earliest, as Ezra Miller is filming “Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them 2” this summer. Not impossible, but it would be a really tight production.

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Gotham City Sirens
David Ayer banged out the script for “Suicide Squad” in a manner of weeks, and turned around the movie really quickly. The results speak for itself. Not impossible, but I’m not sure anybody wants him working under those kinds of conditions again. But this project has been cooking for a while, and maybe is further along than we think.

Green Lantern Corps.
Again, needs a director and cast, so seems unlikely.

Suicide Squad 2
Only just hired a screenwriter, and doesn’t even have a director. Not to mention that clearing up the schedules for the ensemble cast will be tricky, and any major creative decisions will probably have to go through the always-picky Will Smith.

Dark Universe
Has a script by Guillermo del Toro, and Doug Liman attached to direct. Casting would have to begin immediately, but weirdly, seems like the one that could most reasonably make it for 2018.

Of course, WB and DC could decide that none of these are ready, suck it up, and only release “Aquaman” in 2018. But in an increasingly competitive franchise field, with Marvel, Fox, and Sony all making big moves, a year-long wait between this fall’s “Justice League” and December 2018 for the next DC Films movie might be too much of a gap. We’ll see how this plays out.