With the introduction of HBO Max coming this spring, there are still quite a few questions about the service. Unlike Netflix and most of the other major streaming services, HBO Max is a service that is tied to a major film studio that makes most of its money from the release of theatrical films at the box office. This begs the question about what qualifies as an HBO Max film and what qualifies as a Warner Bros. theatrical release? Well, we finally have an answer.

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According to Variety, instead of deciding which WB films will get the HBO Max treatment and which will get a theatrical release, the studio has decided to create a whole new production company, titled Warner Max, that will solely focus on the creation of original films for the streaming platform.

The production company will produce approximately 10 to 12 “mid-budget” films that will be released exclusively on HBO Max. And these films will still take advantage of the library of IP including DC Films, HBO original content, New Line Cinema, and Warner Animation Group.

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And those worried that WB is going to scale back its theatrical output with the creation of Warner Max shouldn’t be concerned. The studio says that the 10 to 12 films that will be created for the streaming platform will have no effect on the output from the big screen Warner Bros. Warner Max is solely going to be a new venture that will exist on its own, creating streaming content. Yes, it’s a tad bit confusing that Warner Bros. is creating a new “Warner” label for a streaming service that is called HBO Max but isn’t completely tied to the network known as HBO. It’s clear that, while quality movie and TV producers, the big-wigs over at WB don’t have the most creative minds coming up with names for these ventures.

HBO Max is expected to launch in May with the first Warner Max films coming to the service sometime in 2020.