There are a lot of reasons for Patty Jenkins to celebrate this week. “Wonder Woman” is shaping up to be the best-reviewed superhero movie ever, the box office is looking healthy with a projected $175 million global opening, but more importantly, it’s a major career boost for the director. It was fourteen years ago when “Monster” was released, earning all kinds of acclaim, and putting Jenkins on the map, but unfortunately, as far as feature films were concerned, Jenkins just couldn’t get anything going.

As THR details in a new profile, a couple of projects fizzled out and Jenkins focused on family, but kept her skills honed on television, getting behind the camera of “The Killing,” “Arrested Development,” and “Entourage.” But one film she hopes to still make, according to the trade, is the intriguingly titled “I Am Superman” starring Ryan Gosling. And sorry fanboys, it’s not what you think. It has nothing do with comics.

In fact, the movie has nothing at all to do with superheroes as far as we can tell, with the IMBD only offering the following logline:

A fighting pitbull finds itself on a strange and unexpected journey that will ultimately decide its fate.

Color us intrigued. But no doubt, Jenkins is going to be flooded with offers, and she’s already expressed an eagerness to make a sequel to “Wonder Woman” if WB and DC Films want it (we’re sure they will). Whether or not “I Am Superman” comes to fruition, we’ll have to wait and see, but it’s safe to say we won’t be waiting another decade for a movie from Jenkins.