Remember the Snyder Cut? Well, Zack Snyder definitely does, as he keeps teasing us with the Holy Grail of unreleased movies, which is set to bring world peace, cure all diseases, and maybe even be the first superhero movie to win an EGOT. His latest tease is in the form of a speculative announcement that the movie needs even more additional photography.

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A month ago, Snyder launched a contest where fans could make their own poster for the increasingly cryptic yet hyped Snyder Cut of “Justice League” for a chance to win a piece of movie memorabilia from the director himself. Turns out, he not only revealed the four finalists for the contest (out of over 1200 submissions) but he’s also revealed the award, which is as exciting for fans as it raises a whole lot of new questions. On a post on Vero, Zack Snyder posted a picture of the original film slate used during filming of “Justice League,” with a message in the back of the clapperboard with a message from Snyder: “Please extend to the bearer of this slate the right to pass all security protocols and the permission to operate this motion picture scene and sync marker on the set of any additional photography for the motion picture known as Zack Snyder’s Justice League in the unlikely and purely speculative even that such photography is needed.”

Indeed, one lucky fan will win the golden ticket, only instead of having to fight to the death to inherit a candy factory from a psychopathic child killer, they may win the opportunity to hypothetically be invited to the set of the hypothetical additional reshoots that Snyder needs for his director’s cut of “Justice League.”

The news of additional reshoots (and the mention of Martian Manhunter?) confirms what has been speculated for months, that the Snyder Cut is far from ready, and will likely need extensive work before it can even be shown in public. How Snyder plans to do additional photography and post-production on “Justice League” while also working on his upcoming zombie movie “Army of the Dead” which is scheduled to come out this year on Netflix despite there being no news whatsoever since principal photography began in July of last year.

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Regardless, fans will still be excited at the possibility of the mythic Snyder Cut to finally see some progress, and after last year saw a wave of support from cast members, Ben Affleck showed his support recently, telling CinemaBlend “I do think Zack’s cut should be available.”