Martin Scorsese is set to join the ranks of David F. Sandberg and Lotta Losten, Spike Lee, Michel Gondry, and other filmmakers as people who have taken their time in COVID-19-induced lockdown to create something new. Whereas some, like Sandberg, Losten, and Gondry, have used the quarantine to create new fictional shorts, Scorsese is going the route of Spike Lee and creating something that is a better reflection of what life is like in New York City during this unprecedented time.

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According to BBC, an upcoming episode of “Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard” will feature a new short film from Martin Scorsese. Not much is known about the format of the short or what it is called, but BBC Two describes the film as “an exclusive and very personal film from Martin Scorsese, who reflects on the meaning of lockdown from his home in New York City.”

The short film is part of the final episode of Mary Beard’s series, which focuses on the effect of Lockdown on culture and creativity. And what better filmmaker to land an exclusive short film from than Martin Scorsese? Obviously, this isn’t the first short film from the legendary filmmaker. In fact, it’s just the latest in a long list of pretty special shorts from the illustrious career of Scorsese. If you’re interested in more from Scorsese, Criterion just released a new disc that collects five of the filmmaker’s early short films.

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The final episode of ‘Lockdown Culture’ is set to air tomorrow evening on BBC Two. Hopefully, the network will make the short film available online for the global audience. Because film fans will be anxiously awaiting any new content from one of the best directors of the past 50 years.