Joe and Anthony Russo, coming off the ridiculous success of their latest film, “Avengers: Infinity War,” are hard at work prepping their big Marvel Cinematic Universe send-off, “Avengers 4,” for next spring. However, in the meantime, the directing duo are carving out their own place in the film industry, thanks to the creation of their own mini-studio AGBO. After already announcing their ‘Avengers’ follow-up, the duo is also producing some other big films, with familiar stars. The latest is a new Netflix film starring none other than Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

That’s right, the Russo Brothers are bringing back an old “Avengers” buddy, Hemsworth, to topline their latest film, “Dhaka,” according to Deadline. However, the directing duo is not going behind the camera for the film. Instead, Joe Russo is penning the script to the film, and newcomer Sam Hargrave will handle the directing chores.

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For those not familiar with Hargrave, he’s another Russos find, as he was the stunt double for Chris Evans’ Captain America in ‘The Winter Soldier.’ From there, he took over as a fight and stunt coordinator for the next ‘Cap’ film ‘Civil War.’ And his molding was complete with “Avengers: Infinity War,” where Hargrave took over some second-unit directing.

“Dhaka” is set to follow a heroic man, played by Hemsworth, has to rescues an Indian boy. However, along the way, the action hero will have to come to terms with some deep-seeded insecurities.

This new film is not the first AGBO film to star an Avenger. It was previously announced that Chadwick Boseman, aka T’Challa, aka Black Panther, would star in an action thriller titled “17 Bridges” for the Russo Brothers’ studio. And as mentioned earlier, the Russos themselves will take over the directing duties on the upcoming film “Cherry,” which will mark their first non-Marvel work in a long time.

There’s no release date for Dhaka, as Netflix is notoriously tight-lipped about such matters.