Contest: Win Horror Hit 'The Babadook' Special Edition Blu-Ray

The BabadookMixing supernatural scares, psychological tension, and thrilling suspense, and wrapping it up all around a sinister children’s book, there have been few horror movies in recent quite like "The Babadook." Now we want to you have a copy of the Special Edition Blu-ray for Jennifer Kent‘s highly buzzed film.

The film tells the story of Amelia (Essie Davis), still feeling the pain of husband’s loss six year ago, as he she struggles to raise her six-year old son Samuel (Noah Wiseman). He’s a handful, an issue compounded by the fact that his dreams are plagued by a monster he believes is coming to kill them both. Initially dismissing his terror as fantasy, things to take a turn when Amelia starts to discover the terror might be much more real than she thought.

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To win "The Bababook" on Blu-ray, here’s what to do: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, tweet: "I want to win The Bababook from @ThePlaylist. #WinThePlaylistContest," and include this link. Your final step: just email us your tweet, with your full name and address, and let us know what book or movie scared you as a kid. Good luck.

Update: Contest closed, winners will be contacted via email.