It wasn’t long ago that DC Films fans were complaining that Warner Bros. wasn’t doing enough to promote “Wonder Woman,” as if the studio didn’t already have a plan that was likely mapped out months ago. At any rate, get ready, because EW and Empire are likely just the tip of the iceberg as the marketing blitzkrieg gears up just a few weeks away from release.

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New images have landed for the superhero movie, which will give audiences the origin and journey of Wonder Woman, in what sounds like will be a big arc for the character. “Diana starts more naive than most of us, but she ends more mature than most of us,” director Patty Jenkins told EW. “She learns that it’s not going to be at all what you think it is to be a hero, and that what it means to be loving and kind is complicated.”

Check out the new snaps below. “Wonder Woman” opens on June 2nd.