Exclusive: 'Hunt For The Wilderpeople' Director Taika Waititi Explains What "Skux" Means

One of the best movies of the summer doesn’t have any superheroes in it, but delivers an adventure story with as much wit and entertainment as anything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all wrapped up in a giant, genuine heart. That may be why Marvel has hired “Hunt For The Wilderpeople” director Taika Waititi for “Thor: Ragnarok,” but before that blockbuster arrives next year, you’d be best advised to track down the New Zealand indie charmer, because it definitely hits the sweet spot, and to get you ready, we have an instructional little exclusive you’ll want to check out.

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Starring Julian Dennison and Sam Neill, and based on the book by Barry Crump, the movie tells the story of the city kid Ricky who finally finds the perfect foster home after years of being bounced around the system, but when tragedy strikes and threatens to leave him uprooted, he’s forced to go on the run with his Uncle Hec and dog Tupac, sparking a national manhunt. And so starts a journey that goes deep into the beautiful forests of New Zealand, but also utilizes plenty of Kiwi slang, including one word that jumps out quite often: “skux.” And in this video, Waititi explains exactly what it means so you won’t miss a beat.

“Hunt For The Wilderpeople” is now playing. Don’t miss it.