Justin Timberlake, Juno Temple & James Belushi Join Woody Allen's Next Film With Kate Winslet

If, somehow, all the officially regulated timekeepers around the world suddenly fail one day, the world can turn their attention to Woody Allen‘s day planner and likely get a good sense of what time it is. The writer/director has wrapped his Amazon TV series, has “Café Society” opening this month, and, busy as always, is gearing up to shoot a new movie this fall. And as per usual, the stars are coming out to feature in the movie.

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Justin Timberlake, Juno Temple and James Belushi are joining Kate Winslet in the upcoming movie. Of course, no one is revealing any plot details at the moment, nor is there a title, so you’ll have to guess whether it’s a comedy or drama or romance, set in the present day or past, and whether this will be Allen on top form, or missing the mark (kind of goes either way these days). The one thing we do know is that production will get underway this fall in New York City.

“Café Society” opens on July 15th.