Despite a bit of a creative setback in “Hold the Dark,” there’s no denying that Jeremy Saulnier is one of the best young filmmakers working today. And for his next film, “Rebel Ridge,” it appears as if he’s snagged one of the best young actors to star.

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According to Variety, John Boyega has been signed on to star in the upcoming thriller “Rebel Ridge,” which will be written and directed by Saulnier. There are no real details given for the film, but as per typical Saulnier fashion, “Rebel Ridge” is being described as a film with “bone-breaking action sequences, suspense, and dark humor.” The report claims that the plot will explore systemic injustices in America.

Previous to last year’s “Hold the Dark,” which was pretty well-received by fans and critics, Saulnier wowed audiences with films such as “Green Room” and “Blue Ruin.” Each of those films featured some of the most violent, grisly action scenes combined with a biting sense of humor. Needless to say, if he’s going back towards the style shown in those films, “Rebel Ridge” could be something really special.

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Boyega is probably best known for his role in the recent “Star Wars” trilogy that’s wrapping up in next month’s ‘Rise of Skywalker.’ However, outside of his space operas, he’s been seen in the vastly underrated “Attack the Block,” as well as films such as “Pacific Rim: Uprising” and “Detroit.”

There’s no word on when “Rebel Ridge” might go into production or if there’s an anticipated release date, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on this project as it moves forward.