Paul Dano Says Matt Reeves' 'Batman' Script Surprised Him & The Team Is Desperate To Share The Movie On The Big Screen

While we wait for production on “The Batman” to restart, we can at least hear from the people involved with the movie to get little teases on what to expect when yet another man dressed up as a bat starts beating up criminals. This time we turn over to the new Riddler, Paul Dano, who says told us Matt Reeves‘s script is “potentially really powerful.”

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While discussing his directorial debut, “Wildlifewith our own Rodrigo Perez, we were contractually obligated to ask about Dano’s portrayal of Edward Nashton, aka The Riddler, and having to stop production because of the industry shutdown. “I was filming. I flew home to visit my baby and then didn’t get to fly back [to set, because of Coronavirus], which is a really strange thing,” Dano said. “But I feel really good about it. I think Matt Reeves is the real deal. I was really surprised by his script, which I think is, is potentially really powerful. Hopefully we’ll get to get back to it sometime soon? I’m not sure.”

Though we don’t know a lot about Reeves’ take on Batman, it has been heavily reported that the film will feature several members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery, but probably not in extensive roles. Earlier this month Colin Farrell said his version of The Penguin isn’t in the film a lot, but ” there are a couple of some tasty scenes I have in it and my creation and I can’t wait to get back.”

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As for Dano, he doesn’t go into much detail about the script, joking “I can’t even legally can’t say anything about it.” Dano does tease that “There’s something fun there in my character and in all the characters. It’s the kind of movie that we’re just desperate to share on the big screen in a big way. So, I hope we all figure this [coronavirus situation] out and get excited to see a Batman movie. It will be worth it. It’s going to be really cool.”