Paul Schrader Says His Next Film Will Be A Western Starring Ethan Hawke & Willem Dafoe

As we’ve mentioned many times before, even though filmmaker Paul Schrader has had an incredible career, including some of the film industry’s greatest works, his 2018 film “First Reformed” might very well be his best yet. Now, as the writer-director does the publicity rounds, picking up award after award for the film, we’re starting to get word on what he might have next on his plate.

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According to Erick Weber, from Awards Ace, it would appear that Schrader is moving from “First Reformed” to a new Western, but he’s bringing along his star along to this new project, as well.

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Weber tweeted, “Also spoke with Paul Schrader fresh off his #CriticsChoiceAwards original screenplay win, told me he’s writing a western titled NINE MEN FROM NOW with Ethan Hawke & Willem Dafoe as its two leads.”

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A Western with Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe is enough to sell the average film fan on the experience. However, adding Schrader to the mix, after his career-best film just makes “Nine Men from Now” one of our most anticipated films in the next couple of years.

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We’re hoping that the filmmaker is able to secure funding and a good studio to help bring the film to life. Recently, Schrader talked about his issues with his previous films before “First Reformed” and how he’s very pleased with how A24 handled the release of his latest. So, hopefully, A24 is willing to give the writer-director one more project moving forward.

Judging by his comments about Netflix, it would appear that Schrader isn’t looking for the streaming service as a possible destination for his film.

Obviously, there’s no release date planned, as there’s not even an official announcement that this project even exists. However, if Schrader is currently writing it and already has his leads in mind (we would imagine he’s discussed the film with them), it would lead us to believe that the filmmaker isn’t ready to take an extended break. Fingers crossed.