Paul Thomas Anderson is the rare director that started with films and went on to begin directing music videos. Even rarer still, Anderson hasn’t forgotten the short-form music video medium over the course of his career, regularly popping up and directing new clips for bands. His latest foray into short-form music videos has been with the band HAIM, for which he’s directed no less than four clips for.

Well, make that five.

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Today, HAIM just released the music video for the song “Summer Girls” and as you might expect, none other than Paul Thomas Anderson was once again behind the camera to direct it. And just as he’s done with previous videos, the director doesn’t really employ any budget-busting techniques or style to make his work stand out. Instead, he just creates a fun video that is well made and highlights the band and the song. You know, just like how all music video directors should treat the format. I mean, they’re commercials, basically anyway.

In the video for “Summer Girls,” the sisters in the band are seen walking around the streets of Los Angeles while removing layer after layer of clothing. Yes, that sounds like a terribly sexist, disgusting idea for a music video in 2019, but in the hands of PTA, it’s handled with class and charm. Never does it feel sexualized or inappropriate. It’s just fun.

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And for those film nerds out there, he also makes sure that the New Beverly Cinema makes an appearance, as the band seemingly works there in this fictionalized setting. But don’t go to the New Bev tonight expecting for the ladies of HAIM to give you tickets. It ain’t happening. (However, it would be a fun way to promote the video…)

You can watch the full clip below. And yes, it will get stuck in your head.