Serious question—can you imagine a film with more testosterone dripping from each frame than something that teams Sylvester Stallone with Michael Bay? That’s one hell of an action-movie combo. And apparently, the two are set to team up with a new film titled “Little America.”

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According to Deadline, Stallone is set to team up with producer Michael Bay (who is bringing his Platinum Dunes shingle along) to work on a dystopian action film titled “Little America,” from writer-director Rowan Athale. The film is set in a world where America has gone bankrupt and devolved into a war zone. That’s when a former Army Ranger (Stallone) is hired by an Asian billionaire to locate the businessman’s missing child. The soldier must then go to Little America (a small subsection of Hong Kong, where Americans have fled) to locate the missing person.

A few keywords to focus on in that description— Stallone, war zone, and Hong Kong. Clearly, Bay knows what’s up and is going to set an action film (war zone, people!) with one of America’s most legendary muscle-bound stars (even if he’s well past his ‘80s prime) set in China (one of the biggest film-going nations in the world). Sure, this might not interest very many cinephiles, per se, but let’s be real, this is a film that, if done right, has the chance to be a BIG box office winner.

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While filmmaker Athale might not have name-recognition just yet, he is a filmmaker that has helmed a couple of previous projects, including the 2019 film “Strange But True” and 2012’s “Wasteland.”

Apparently, the film is set to go up for sale during this year’s European market, where it’ll likely draw huge interest from distributors. The film is scheduled to begin production sometime this summer after Stallone finishes production on his superhero film “Samaritan.”